Contractors And Supplier


Contractors policy

JP Edifice employ a strict contractors policy and have a full and varied list of contractors available for trades such as all building work, cleaning, gardening and security services.


We believe in employing contractors who are reliable, comply with our guidelines and health and safety policies and provide the best service at the best value, rather than basing selection on lowest price alone.


Before a contractor is accepted onto JP Edifice’s preferred contractors list they must provide evidence of at least three other recent or current contracts at which they are employed.


References will be sought and investigations as to memberships of professional bodies ascertained and verified. Where this is subject to an annual renewal of the bodies, up to date copies of certificates must be provided.


Before each job commences, risk assessments and method statements must be made available at least 5 days prior to the job commencing to comply with JP Edifice’s current health and safety policy. Evidence of warranties, indemnities and insurances must also be provided.


Any deviation from agreed works will be issued in writing to the contractor without which deviations must not be acted upon. Likewise any delays to works must be advised in writing as early as possible, otherwise any costs involved with such delays or overruns will not be entertained.


The client will be kept informed at all stages in writing of any changes or delays to said works.


For works over a nominated amount, specifications are put out to invitation to open tender