Existing Building



Landlords, Resident Management Companies


JP Edifice Management Sdn. Bhd. have been appointed to manage blocks of apartments by Landlords / RMC’s alike, sometimes due to dissatisfaction with existing management, but often when the management duties have previously been handled by a resident’s association or 1 resident and the amount of work has become too extensive.

This change-over period can often be laborious, but we take pride in trying to make the transition as smooth as possible and to support and advise the landlord, RMC and make recommendations on the future management of the project.


Management transfer period


The transfer period usually involves:

  • Checking on management agreements for terms of appointment, termination and service charge periods, apportionments and any other legal issues
  • Advising on transfer timeframes
  • Ensuring service charges, insurances, contracts, utilities, accounts and data are up to date when handed over
  • Regular meetings with the landlord / RMC to ensure we are aware of historical information and future expenditure plans
  • Providing advice on good practice, implications on service charge costs/ management/maintenance etc.
  • Meetings with current employees to build relationships, confidence in our company and explain the new management system , confidence in our company and explain the new management system
  • Liaison with residents / tenants to pass information regarding the future management of the projects
  • Liaison with other professional advisors, for example building surveyor, solicitors, M&E services consultants, contractors etc.