Managing Agent Functions


To ensure the efficient running of each building JP Edifice will appoint approved contractors to maintain, decorate and clean the common areas of the building on the resident’s behalf.


As Managing Agent, it is our responsibility to publish and distribute the annual accounts for the management co operations. This ensures that residents have prior notification of future service charges and any major building or maintenance issues, as well as reports on how service charge has been spent in the past year. This gives assurance that the building is being managed efficiently and allows residents to take future financial commitments into account.


Broadly, the aims of the Property Managing Agent are to:

  • Control expenditure for the block ensuring efficiency and accountability
  • Maintain standards of repair, cleanliness and decoration in the common parts of the building such as lobbies, windows, doors, lifts, car parks and gardens
  • Control alterations or assignments
  • Make regulations for the benefit of the building and the residents
  • Procure building insurance.
  • Place maintenance contracts for common plant and equipment such as lifts, boilers and access control systems
  • Provide staffing such as housekeepers and security where appropriate
  • Manage any leisure suites, pools, gyms or spa facilities for residents
  • Give advice on long-term maintenance requirements and preventative measures
  • Provide a company secretarial service, produce audited accounts and hold an annual AGM for all residents